• Tailored Security Solutions
  • Highly Trained & Experienced Staff
  • Strict Code of Conduct
  • Client Focused
  • 24 Hour Contact

We have a vast team of experienced employees providing security services to clients all over New South Wales.  Our clients include the corporate sector, hospitality organisations, hotels and the recreation industry.

We are fully Licensed, Insured and Qualified. Which means piece of mind for You. Being licensed and qualified security

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   Corporate Protection Security.

   Suite 1, Level 1, 14 station st east
   Harris Park, NSW 2150
   P: (02) 8677 0105
   F: (02) 8677 0209


Total Security Solutions
NSW State Wide Service
Corporate Protection Security (CPS) is a privately owned Australian company specialising in security services.  Our organisation was founded with the view to serve clients with professionalism, reliability and commitment.

We provide 24 hour contact for all clients to provide a comprehensive delivery of security services.  We work closely with our valued clients to ensure their security requirements are thoroughly met.
Our dedication to service and astute management of our team means that we deliver success for our clients.
Theft and Vandalism cost businesses millions of dollars every year. Call Corporate Protection Security  today to prevent your business becoming a statistic.
Why Choose CPS
8677 0105
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